SEP 26th 2017 - DEC 15th 2017


Di Cavalcanti - The paper in the spotlight

Di Cavalcanti in MAC USP collection
Marco Antonio Zago
Rector of the University of São Paulo

It is with great satisfaction that we welcome the exhibition Di Cavalcanti: the paper in the spotlight, in the Gallery of the Rectory. In this exhibition, we have the opportunity to celebrate the 120th anniversary of birth of Di Cavalcanti, one of the most emblematic artists of Brazilian modernism and greatly represented in the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art of the University of São Paulo (MAC USP).

The artist's graphic production is widely represented in the Museum and is one of the most significant set of the University's artistic heritage, with more than 500 drawings - from 1920 to 1952 - among cartoons, illustrations, panels, scenario projects, and exploring various techniques and styles. The tribute to the artist is deserved, not only because of the relevance of his trajectory in Brazilian modernism, but also for his generous donation to the former Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo in 1952, later integrated into USP's patrimony.

The Gallery of the Rectory is a space on the ground floor of the University's central administration building on the campus of São Paulo. The space was recently remodeled to present a cultural program that aims to disseminate important collections of USP. Its function is to strengthen the relationship with the internal community, but also to attract public from outside the academia. The USP Museums collections are an important vector to visibility of infinite possibilities of cultural production: they allow the University to reach a broader spectrum of people through its relevant museological patrimony.

The exhibition is also an invitation for all to visit MAC USP new facilities, in Ibirapuera, a new cultural destination of the city of São Paulo.

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