SEP 28th 2013 - APR 12th 2015
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León Ferrari: Lembranças de meu pai

León Ferrari may have been one of the artists who, in the latest decades, in Argentina (his homecountry) and in Brazil (where he lived for many years), has better inherited the resistant and combative spirit of the last century's avant-garde. His work goes against the several forms of repression against freedom and takes a permanently critical and ironic stand in face of the alienation of contemporary society. León Ferrari – Lembranças de Meu Pai [León Ferrari – Memories of My Father] , which is curated by Carmen Aranha, demonstrates very well these characteristics of this artist's work.

By choosing Ferrari's work to be the object of this anthology in the process of implementation of its new building, MAC USP aimed at both recognizing the undisputed importance of his works today and the fact that Ferrari is one of the international artists who is best represented in the Museum collection. After his recent decease, MAC USP transforms this recognition in a tribute to this artist who has never submitted himself to anything or anyone who was opposed to the nonconformity that has always characterized his work.

Tadeu Chiarelli

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