SEP 28th 2013 - MAY 3rd 2015
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León Ferrari: Lembranças de meu pai

Dear visitor,

MAC USP's education program focuses on educating visitors on contemporary art using the museum's permanent collection as reference. Several activities are offered to different types of visitors in a set of programs, such as workshops for the elderly, workshops for families, Cultural Extension courses for community members, activities using books, games and play material for children, teacher training programs, educational tours for groups.

The educational departments conceived for MAC USP New Building are entitled Education and Art and will receive visitors in a place immediately next to the Museum exhibition rooms. Besides hosting meetings and activities related to art and education, these spaces will also host moments of reflection and fruition during you visit to MAC USP.

The exhibitions held on the fourth floor Uncertain Borders: Art and Photography in the MAC USP Collection and Leon Ferrari – Memories of My Father feature experimental works that use editing and montage strategies based on media such as photography, heliography, photocopy, and several other image-manipulating techniques. In these educational spaces, together with our team of educators, you will have the opportunity to experience a little bit of image production, reproduction and manipulation .

Welcome to MAC!

For further information about the MAC USP Education and Art Department, please, visit our website:

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