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USP Collections Research Program

Scholarship for 3-5 months research periods
Projects submission from 1/24 to 4/22
5 vacancy

MAC receives applications to support on postgraduation and postdoctoral research projects related to its colection, within the scope of USP Collections Research Program.

There will be 5 (five) individual scholarships, of R$10,000 for 3 (three) month projects and R$ 16,000 for 5 (five) month projects.

The deadline for project submission is April 22, 2013.

For more information about submission and requirements, access the complete notice at MAC website clicking here.

Phone: (+55) 11 3091 3559

The criteria bellow were established by the ad hoc committee that reviewed the projects submitted to USP Collections Research Program:

• Non endogenous projects
• Institute of origin
• Internationalization
• No alternative viability to support the project

1. Projects should complement or contribute to the lines of research already existent at MAC USP concerning its collection, and to consider the various relevant areas of expertise:
- Curatorship: studies of art works or sets of art works at MAC USP collection; history of MAC USP exhibitions and its collection; critical historiography on MAC USP and its collection

- Conservation: studies on art works and/or materials at MAC USP collection.

- Documentation: studies on sets of documents (file / library / cataloging section)

- Education: educational projects and education in art museums

2. The priority to not endogenous projects is due to the easier access of USP researchers to MAC USP collection.

3. Institute of origin - we prefer to include no more than one project from the same institution

4. We took into account USP guidelines on the needs for internationalization of the University

5. We considered the projects for which the resources of the program are essential.




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