JAN 25th 2014 - DEC 13th 2015

Hudinilson Junior: Around Narcissus

The Museum of Contemporary Art of USP always followed with interest the trajectory of Hudinilson Junior. Since 1982 his works were present in nineteen exhibitions organized by the Museum, that acquired three more pieces by the artist in early 2013. Today, two of the exhibitions at MAC New Headquarters have works from him. This attention was essential for Hudinilson's family to invite the Museum to choose, after his death in August last year, some pieces from a previous selection made with advice from John Spinelli, a great connoisseur of Hudinilson's work universe.

The 31 pieces chosen by the Museum enriches even more the set of works by the artist already present in the collection, showing various stages of his career - including some from his early production - and confirming the originality of his work and its connections with the contemporary debate. The exhibition Hudinilson Junior: Around Narcissus starts in January 25th, at MAC USP New Headquarters, and shows the complexity of Hudinilson's artistic practices, characterized by going through various modalities, including drawings, stamps, paintings, objects and collages.

With this exhibition MAC USP fullfills all exhibition areas the New Headquarters with works from its collection. Since 2013 January 25th, 16 exhibitions were held, with about 900 works from the collection available to the 125,000 people who visited the Museum since.

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